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aspects of the business. We Companywale Consultancy Services provides you with all the services of a CFO, except, the CFO won’t be a full time employee. Our CFO may not be present on-site all the time but will always be there when you need him/her.
Depending on the size and the growth stage of your company, we provide a flexible engagement model, enabling you to increase/decrease engagement levels, thereby giving you the opportunity of having the best CFO talent assisting you, based on your needs. Our ongoing Virtual CFO retainer engagements can be as low as 2 hours a week and can go as high as 35 hours a week. This flexible engagement model will help you keep your CFO costs variable and low but the experience will always remain enriching and memorable.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer, popularly known by its acronym, CFO, is a critical person that shoulders the responsibility of one of the most important elements of every business, and that’s money! Larger organizations, or we’d say, the richer and financially stable organizations recruit and appoint CFOs for their organization to manage various financial aspects of the organization. Nevertheless, for the smaller ones such as SMEs, or startups that don’t yet have the bandwidth to nurture in-house CFOs, Companywale Consultancy Services offers CFO consulting services. Our virtual CFO services for startups help such organizations to manage their finances well. As compared to recruiting a full-time CFO for the company, our virtual CFO services offer flexible, cost-effective, accurate and prompt financial services through teleconferencing, video conferencing and the likes.

Our solution goes beyond the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. We establish robust processes and controls during the first phase of our engagement, ensuring prudent risk management for clients and smooth day-to-day functioning for the client’s operations team. We provide advice and bring in best practices in finance and accounts for the client. We provide customized and timely MIS and Reporting to our services typically include book-keeping, payroll management, vendor payments, receivables management, taxation, compliance management, secretarial, fund management and MIS reporting. We work on a retainer ship model for accounts outsourcing assignments.

we support startups and companies in following ways

Preparing budgets and cost control strategies

Improving internal financial processes

Support the organization as a virtual CFO through video or teleconferencing

Guiding the organization’s management in designing a business plans

Guidance for right structuring of deals

Banking & Investment consulting

Ensuring statutory and tax compliance

Benefits of Outsourced CFO Services | Advantages of Virtual CFO India

Virtual CFO services with Companywale Consultancy Services bring in a lot of advantages on the table. Some of these are enlisted below.

Not required to hire a full-time CFO and pay hefty salary

Considerable cost saving

Comprehensive financial management

Multiple services included in a single virtual CFO fee

Professional CFO services

Additional time and bandwidth to focus on the core aspects of your business

Virtual CFO services for a wide range of businesses.


  • What would a Virtual CFO do for my company?

    It depends on your company’s needs. The short answer is that which your own CFO or controller would do. The difference is we have more experience and expertise on which to draw, and we only charge you when we are there.

  • Yes, As and when needed we have physical presence too on Client Site The “virtual” in Virtual CFOs actually refers to the fact that we are not full-time employees. Otherwise we are very real. We work onsite or remotely, depending on where we can be most effective.

  • Virtual CFOs are professionals in financial management. That is all we do. Accountants are not professionals in taxes, financial statement preparation, and auditing. Asking your Accountant to assist your company in financial management and strategic planning is a little like asking your architect to build your building.

  • They are all terms used to describe a highly skilled financial professional who can provide a company with financial expertise and leadership that they would not have unless they had a full time CFO.

  • You probably do need a Virtual CFO even if you have accounts manager, they help you provides you with timely, accurate, and insightful financial and operational information about your business; is the person you trust to help you create and update your strategic plans; can help you assess your organizational efficiency; is helping you lead your company to the next level; has assembled a talented and professional accounting staff; can put together a financial package, effectively present it to your banker, and get the financing you need. your accounts manager cannot do these things, a Virtual CFO can.

  • The idea of having a Virtual CFO is that your company only uses him for things that do not occur every day. Your staff is (or should be) able to handle day-to-day activity. (See our list of services on this website for areas in which your Virtual CFO can be used most effectively. For these areas you should be looking for quality financial management, not quantity. One key decision based on the right information can make all the difference to your company.) A Virtual CFO only works for you when you need him.


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