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Section 8 - Non Profit Compay is a company whose objectives is to promote fields of arts, commerce, science, research, education, sports, charity, social welfare, religion, environment protection, or other similar objectives. These companies also apply their profits towards the furtherance of their cause and do not pay any dividend to their members.

Section-8 Registration Quick and Easy

Procedure for Section 8 Company Registration

Once a name for the company is decided, the following steps have to be taken by the applicant

Fill Simple Online Form
You are required to place the Enquiry and fill your details in our simple questinnaire
Verification of documents
You can submit the documents by email or whatsapp and we will verify the same
DSC Application
Obtain DSC and DIN (Director Identification Number) for OPC
Verification and Name Approval
We will verify the documents and then we shall apply for LLP Name approval
Apply for License and Certificate of Incoporation
We will submit the documents to ROC and get your Non Profit company registered
Application for PAN And TAN
We will make application of PAN And TAN with NSDL

F.A.Q - Section 8 Company Registration

  • How many people are required to register a Section 8 Company?

    A minimum of two people are required to register a section 8 company in India.

  • The annual compliances that need to be met by Section 8 Company are the same as other normal companies registered under the Companies Act.
    1. Conducting 2 Board Meetings, at least, in a year.
    2. Mandatory audit of the Books of Accounts.
    3. Annual returns, along with other e-filing forms such as MGT-7, AOC-4, etc.
    4. Income tax returns.
    5. Additional compliances to fulfill the registration u/s12AA, 80G, of the Income Tax Act, applicable to donations, etc.

  • No. A promoter of NPOs cannot be employed as a paid employee of the Company.

  • Yes. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is allowed, subject to the compliance of FEMA Regulations. However, the same is considered as a Foreign Contribution under FCRA, it can be infused only with prior permission/registration from the central government.


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